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We market our products through three primary methods: direct contact with foreign and domestic businesses, attendance at international exhibitions, and sales made through trade websites. We have accelerated our effort in e-commerce in 2017 attributable to an increasingly competitive environment and the potential for this channel to accelerate the marketing and sales of our products. Our marketing and sales teams work closely together to maintain a consistent message to our customers.

The sales team is divided into three subdivisions which focus on the sales of fruit juice concentrates, fruit beverage products and derivative products.

We sell our fruit juice concentrates both domestically and internationally and sell our products either indirectly through distributors with good credit history or directly to end-users. Our export business is primarily comprised of fruit juice concentrates. The export of our fruit juice concentrates is handled internally by our international trade department, which has 20 employees.

The North American and European markets represent a large portion of apple and pear concentrate consumption. The U.S. market is a highly mature market with stable growth for apple concentrate. We sell to distributors in the PRC for export to North America and Europe, therefore are not certain exactly where our exported fruit juice concentrate products are ultimately sold. We believe that the volume of exports to the United States of our fruit juice concentrate products has increased annually since 2004. We believe our main export markets for apple and pear concentrates are the United States, Europe and the Middle East. We believe we have stable relationships with our distributors and end-users in those markets.

The Chinese market drives our fruit beverage sales most are sold through provincial, city and county-level agents. We also sell directly to hotels, supermarkets and similar outlets in smaller quantities. The fruit beverage sales are carried out by a team of 45 employees. Historically, we have only sold our fruit beverages regionally in Shaanxi Province and some neighboring cities of Shaanxi Province. One of our strategies is to broaden the geographic presence of our brand-named fruit beverages and expand production and sales of higher margin fruit beverages in the PRC.

Our kiwifruit products are targeted at the European, Southeast Asian, South Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese markets. The growth of our kiwifruit concentrate and kiwifruit beverages has exceeded the growth rate of any other product we offer.

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