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Global Market

The global fruit and vegetable juice market constitutes a major part of global beverage industry. The fruit and vegetable juice market is a vital segment of beverage industry due to the increasing awareness and preference of consumers for healthy products. The market is expected to grow especially in developing countries. The fruit and vegetable juice market is segmented by type of the major fruit/vegetable ingredient used, concentration of the juices, category served by the juice, and by geography. The market is dependent on the geographical distribution and availability of the fruit/vegetable as well as health considerations.

The global fruit and vegetable juice industry is the most competitive segment in the beverage industry. Demand for a particular fruit/vegetable juice can vary as it can be driven by prevalent consumer trends and a culturally popular inclination for a certain juice. Product development and blends are introduced in the market as per the consumer demand. The major challenge in the market is the diversity of juice and flavor preferences among the consumers. Understanding consumer preferences lead to opportunities and is a major strategy for success in the global fruit and vegetable juice market.

The PRC Market

According to the report "The Situation Analysis and Prospect Forecast of Global and China's Fruit Juice Industry in 2017", published on China Industry Research (www.cir.cn), with the improvement of living standards and healthy consumption, the fruit juice industry has become very competitive and consists of many major beverage manufacturers. This has developed into a fast-growing industry. Consumers are gradually realizing the relative unhealthy nature of carbon dioxide drinks, and so people are beginning to gravitate towards healthy fruit juice beverages. Many beverage companies focus on developing new fruit juice beverages in order to meets the diverse needs of consumers tastes, which is conducive to increasing market share.

Seen from the overall per capita consumption of fruit juice, China's per capita consumption of fruit juice is still in the initial stage. China's per capita consumption of 100% fruit juice is only 0.6 US dollars. Contrast that with Taiwan, with its per capita consumption of 100% fruit juice of 3.7 US dollars, which is more than 6 times that of China. Therefore, we believe that the fruit juice market in China will continue to maintain a high growth rate for a sustained period of time

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