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E-Commerce Initiatives


The activities that the Company has engaged in include the following:

The Company's indirect holding company, Xi'an Hedetang E-Commerce Co. Ltd., signed a one-year service agreement to market its products on the open platform Xunqin Mall with Zhenzhen Weipin Zhiyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., one of whose shareholders is China Continental Insurance. The Company believes that joining Xunqin Mall will help generate regional sales for its Hedetang and Hede Jiachuan products and improve operating efficiencies.

The Company signed a one-year business agreement with the Jiangsu Nongmuren Agricultural Products ("Nongmuren") e-commerce platform. The Company believes that cooperation with Nongmuren could attracts hundreds of thousands of registered users on the platform each month, and accelerate an update of its marketing channels.

The Company signed a one-year business agreement with China Aigo O2O Technology Inc. (Beijing) and joined the latter's Aigo Integrity Alliance, which is a smart online-to-offline (O2O) platform and a unique marketing platform in the mobile Internet arena.

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