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Our family of fruit juice concentrate products mainly comprise concentrated apple, pear, and kiwifruit products. Fruit juice concentrates can only be produced during a year’s ‘squeezing season’, when fresh fruit are seasonal and available in the market. Generally, the squeezing season for apples is from August through January or February of the following year, for pears it is from July or August through April of the following year, and for kiwi it is from September through December or January of the following year.

Fruit juice concentrates are manufactured through a multi-stage procedure which begins with fresh fruit and / or fruit juice and includes pressing, filtering, sterilizing and evaporation processes.

Fruit juice concentrates are used as the base ingredient in fruit beverages and are also used in other products such as ice cream, fruit wine and, to a lesser extent, cosmetics and medicine.

Kiwifruit puree is prepared from clean, sound kiwifruits that have been washed and sorted prior to processing. The kiwifruits are crushed and pressed and the pulp of the kiwifruit is kept. All of the water and some of the pulp are then removed from the kiwifruit puree and the sugar level is increased in order to produce concentrated kiwifruit puree. We use advanced technologies to maintain the natural flavors and nutrients of the kiwifruit puree. Kiwifruit puree and concentrated kiwifruit puree are ideal raw materials used in the production of concentrated kiwifruit juices, kiwifruit beverages, kiwifruit flavored ice creams, smoothies and health care products. Concentrated kiwifruit juice is made from concentrated kiwifruit puree by removing all of the remaining pulp.

Our production line at the Shaanxi Qiyiwangguo factory can only produce kiwifruit puree and concentrated kiwifruit puree. We use the production line which produces concentrated apple and pear juice in our Jingyang facility to produce concentrated clear kiwifruit juice.

Concentrated apple juice and concentrated pear juice are squeezed from fresh fruit. Fruit juice concentrates can also be combined with other fruit juices for the production of blended fruit juices, canned foods, confectionaries, fruit cider beverages and other beverage products.

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